Mirjana Marsenić, painter

  • Mirjana Marsenic

By painting with large brushes on the floor, with all four directions in space, north, south, east, west, which is not done accidentally, because the very inner space, that is, the inner dimension is a circle-the centre of universe, one cycle-infinity, outer space, man and his destiny, the painter performs a ritual, which is repeated throughout various epochs of a man’s existence.
Circle, as a symbol of time, as a wheel which rolls since the ancient times shows wholeness, perfection. Afterwards, the Babylonians used it to measure time, then in the antique, for example, in the Greek epoch as uroboros – a snake biting its own tail. In the Christian iconography, the circle is a symbol of eternity, three combined circles symbolize the Holy Trinity, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
The painting process is important as much as the end result, in other words, it is necessary for the finished work or the creation of a painting.
The creation of a painting escapes the creator and chooses its own destiny, chooses when it will be materialized. The act of creating a painting has a mantric content and, by entering a transcendental world, a space of immensity and duration is opened, which results in a majestic feeling, where the dripping technique used by many contemporary paintors – such as Polok, opens spaces in the painting, which then go out into new spaces, without limits. Dissolved colour, spread out on the canvas, without constraints, but still „control“ driven, creates new worlds of apstract forms which build landscapes.

2013 – “Artist talk”-Centar Savremene umjetnosti-Podgorica
2013 – “The Sound of colors”-Instalacija “Lutajuci lokvanji”
2012 – Kotor Art “Pisanje grada”
2013/ 2011/2010/2009 - Internacionalna kolonija Stari Most
2011- “Mural”Oslikavanje poligona Policijske akademije - Danilovgrad
2010 - Internationall colony Betton, France
2010 –“ Mural” Oslikavanje enterijera zgrade “Pro Monte” - Podgorica
2010 - Kultirna bastina Crne Gore
Projekat Ministarstva Kulture Crne Gore- Njegusi

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